The freedom to celebrate anything you want, whenever you want, has compelled certain people to pencil in some pretty random, obscure and rather silly “national holidays” on our annual calendars.  However, we will have to admit the one that lands on this particular Monday has good timing – at least for those of us who actually get to take it off.

Yes, believe it or not, someone did create a “National Thank God It’s Monday Day.”

Essentially, this first Monday of the year signifies a “pre-celebration” of sorts. Akin to, “Hey, let’s take a day to celebrate every celebratory thing that will occur on a Monday in 2017.” (Sorry, Tuesdays, you’re out of luck.) That means birthdays, holidays, vacations, promotions . . . finally getting the Christmas lights down because it’s a warm Monday.

Oh, but don’t pre-celebrate Monday, January 16. That’s National Nothing Day which was created so people could have a day off from having to celebrate anything. Unless, of course, another special event or national holiday happens to also land on that day (in this case Martin Luther King Jr. Day), so . . . it looks like for that day, just do whatever you want.

Not so with National Thank God It’s Monday Day. This day explicitly encourages you to look forward to the next 12 months of 2017 with energy, enthusiasm, excitement, and hope. Yes, do all of this on a Monday.

Many of us might have gotten a freebie this morning to do all that energetic, enthusiastic, excited, and hope-filled thinking from our beds . . . or while watching the Rose Bowl parade. But for those future Mondays, we’re going to need a lot of help. To conjure up some optimism for our Mondays – along with every other day of the week that ends with “y” – we’re going to need a lot of coffee.

Here’s a little homage to coffee and Mondays throughout the New Year. And here’s hoping that mug of rich coffee goodness will continue to carry you through every day of 2017 . . . as it has so faithfully done in years past. Happy coffee drinking in 2017!