Our Story

About Locomo Joe & The Founder

When I began the pursuit of roasting my own coffee beans, I knew I was onto something remarkable. There was a notable difference between the bagged coffee I bought from the store (and most coffee shops) and the fresh beans from my roaster. The difference was the kind that had me excited about drinking the next morning’s cup of coffee the night before. I wasn’t just getting a smooth finish in a dark roast, I was getting actual coffee flavor that wasn’t coming from a plastic bottle.

When I started sharing it with family and friends, they also tasted the difference. So much so, they asked to buy it. What changed our coffee drinking experience every day had now changed theirs as well. The progression into Locomo Joe Coffee Roasters was inevitable.

I’m passionate about making freshly roasted coffee available to those who want to drink it every single day. No doubt, convenience and affordability are part of that equation, but it’s more than consuming a necessary liquid to get a caffeine fix. It’s a significant part of everyday life.

Although the story of Locomo Joe is still very much in its infancy, I hope it’s a story you’ll quickly become a part of.



Roasted How You Like It

Medium, Dark, or Espresso, we roast our coffee in small batches to bring out the flavor profile of each bean. You will get the taste you love every time you brew.

Infused with Natural Flavors

Our flavor coffee is infused with active ingredients directly into the bean. This creates a concentrate of flavor that is blended into every bag of coffee.

No Chemicals

This solvent-free process is done without the spreading of chemicals or carriers onto the coffee. You will experience flavorful, oil-free coffee with no bitter aftertaste.

100% Organic

Our coffee is organically grown, purchased from responsible farms who are primarily family owned. Because we’re a small roaster, we can be especially particular about our coffee beans.

Flavors for all tastes & styles Coffee & Products

Coffee Beans

Find single origin, unique blends and Water-Processed Decaf coffee. We roast to order so you can get fresh coffee delivered to your door.

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Flavored Coffee

We have year-round and seasonal flavored coffee. Our flavor comes pre-ground, so you can use in k-cup baskets, or drip brewed coffee makers.

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Coffee Products

We’re always on the hunt to find the best products that will brew the best cup of coffee. We’ve provided a few of our favorites.

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