Water Processed Decaf Sumatra



The anomaly to decaf – all of the taste with none of the side effects. Serve this to guests for an evening occasion and they won’t believe it’s 99.9% caffeine-free. This bean will rival any caffeinated brew – it’s that good. Delivering more flavor without any of the bitterness commonly associated with dark roasts and decafs. Coffee is packaged in a 12 oz. bag.

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Weight 12 oz

Just Once, Please., Every 2 Weeks, Every Week


  1. Tom

    I’ve been purchasing this decaf coffee for over a year now. I love a dark roast with a complex flavor profile and this delivers. I usually use a burr grinder and drip coffee maker with a thermos pot. Sometimes I’ll bloom the grinds, but it’s not necessary. For the best ever cup of coffee I use my French press! I love that this is also water processed as well.

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