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If you’re craving a full-bodied taste that doesn’t ride too much over the edge of darkness, this bean eagerly satisfies. It’s the optimal balance of flavor and body. Undertones of dark chocolate and stone fruit contribute to a rich taste and a balanced finish. Guatemala delivers a generous fullness you’ll thoroughly appreciate.

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Guatemala Huehuetenango

Huehuetenango (way-way-tenango) region borders near the Mexican Chiapas mountain range, which tends to have the highest elevations in Guatemala. The other large area for coffee is Antigua, which is more popular and where most people know of Guatemala coffee comes from.

This is particular coffee from Tres Marias mill that 3 generations of families have own. The family purchases coffee from small local farms and process the green coffee there. As you can assume, the coffee isn’t traced back to a single source and creates a uniqueness of taste year after year. Coffee is packaged in a 12 oz. bag.

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Weight 12 oz

Just Once, Please., Every 2 Weeks, Every Week

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  1. Laura

    This is by far our favorite coffee! Rich, dark with a smooth non-bitter flavor. It really makes coffee drinking so enjoyable! ☕️?

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